Engagement Announcement


Congratulations on your recent engagement. The Press-News would like to help you spread the good news.

In order to provide timely news to our readers, please submit this engagement form and a photo for publication no less than two weeks before the wedding.

Engagement announcements are published as a service at no cost. Simply complete the form, attach photo and click submit; or complete the form, print and mail or drop it off at The Press-News office in Minerva or send it to The Press-News, 604 Valley St. Rear Minerva, OH 44657.

Please submit a color photo whenever possible. The Press-News does not guarantee that pictures will be published in color.

Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to have your photo returned by mail or come to The Crescent-News office between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. to pick up your photo.

Announcements are used, space permitting on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Crescent-News reserves the right to edit copy as necessary.

All completed forms must contain the name and phone number of a contact person. For questions, contact Tesa Strasser at 330-868-5222 or e-mail pressnew@the-review.com.

Note: The Press-News will publish a couple’s wedding story up to six weeks after the ceremony. After six weeks, wedding stories are published as paid advertising.

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