Indian Run Church offers recycling


Everyone is concerned with the environment. Christians, with the mandate of stewardship, should be no exception.

Like many other congregations and organizations, Indian Run Christian Church, in Osnaburg Township, has dumpsters for paper and cardboard, which can be recycled, rather than ending up in landfills.

The church is located at the corner of state Route 44 and Hill Church. The dumpsters are located in the northwest corner of the parking lot and are clearly marked. The congregation makes a few dollars on the project--about $100 per year-- but the church members are doing this mainly to benefit the environment.

Indian Run Christian Church also operates a scrap program. In 2012 the church recycled 30,000 pounds of various metals and raised about $6,000.

Drop off anything made of metal, by the paper and cardboard dumpsters. The items will be picked up daily.

For larger metal items or larger quantities of metal items, call the church office at 330-488-2938 and church members will make arrangements to come and get the items. Washers, driers, stoves, cast iron tubs, sinks, materials left over from remodeling, old autos, are examples of items that could be recycled. The church members have handled donations as large as bulldozers.

Many items you might not think of are all recyclable as scrap metal: wire coat hangers, blenders, toasters, bent nails, even televisions, computers and plain old cans - aluminum or steel.

It all adds up.

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