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Published: June 24, 2016 10:00 AM


/ East Canton Mayor Reggie McGee was battling PKD -- Polycystic Kidney Disease -- the same disease that claimed the life of his father in 1971, at the age of 42. However, unlike his father, McGee had a good prognosis, providing that he could find a match for a donor kidney. The mayor said he was extremely grateful and without words to explain how it felt to have family and several friends step forward and agree to be tested as potential donors.

/ The Waynesburg Historical Society 5-K Run took place on Saturday, June 11. This was the first year for the race, which the historical society planned to make an annual event. Justin Baum was the overall winner of the event. Jordan McKelly and Matthew Reneker, were second and third, respectively. Connie Collins, at fifth place overall, was the first female to cross the finish line.

/ Derrick Toney, a 2008 graduate of Canton South High School, graduated from Marion Military Institute, the nation's oldest military junior college. In an afternoon ceremony, he received his commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army -- the result of successfully completing the early commissioning program. Rendering 2nd Lt. Toney's first salute was stepfather SSG Joe Rivera, USMC (Ret).


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/°The Loy Race, in memory of brothers Ben and Steve Loy, was part of the East Canton/Osnaburg Festival. Valerie Novelli and Glenn Gailey were the master's winners of the race. Matt Orwick and Heather Cassidy were the top East Canton graduates in the 5-K race.

/ Jamie Rhoads, recreation coordinator at Community Corrections Facility at the Multi-County Attention System at Faircrest planned a day to bring in public service groups and county leaders. Rhoads said groups such as the Canton Township Fire Department were able to show the youth at the facility the "true meaning of teamwork." Judge Jim James and others were also there to teach the youth about interviewing for jobs.

/°Virginia Varian was honored as the East Canton/Osnaburg Township Citizen of the Year. Her son, Reed, and Rev. Terry Bailey, both members of the local Rotary Club, presented her with the award. Mrs. Varian, along with her family, had owned and operated Varian's Orchards and she continued to be active in the community.


/ The 1485th Army National Guard were welcomed home by a huge group of family members, friends and others. Little Country Church, of Waynesburg, had several members there to welcome home Greg Huggins and his son Dave, who both served in the Middle East. Little Alyssa Pearson, of the East Canton area, was holding a sign that said "Sgt. Mommy Pearson - Your daughter Alyssa can't wait to see you!"

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/ Chuck Chapman and Mark Howard, East Canton freshmen, were members of the state champion AAU-Junior Olympic Team that would play in Virginia. In the final championship game, Chapman and Howard each had 10 points to lead their teams to the win.

/°Dennis Bobby, Charles Motz and Bryan Harris, Sandy Valley area youth, were shown swimming and diving off the boards at the Sandy Valley Community Park. Area pools were the answer for many trying to stay cool in the hot weather conditions.


/ Margery Kiko and Jean Thouvenin, members of the Happy Farmerettes 4-H Club, were winners in the girls team events in the Stark County 4-H competitions held at the Ohio Power auditorium.

/ Staff Sgt. John D Mathey received his new staff sergeant stripes while doing a tour of duty in Thailand. He was a graduate of Waynesburg High School.

/ Mrs. Joseph Sukosd, of East Canton, was installed as president of the Ohio State University Mothers' Association. The event was held at Topps' Chalet, in Canton. Mrs. Sukosd was also secretary to the personnel director at Macombers Inc. She and her husband had one daughter, Rosalee, who had completed her sophomore year at OSU, majoring in special education.


/°Robert Campbell, of Alliance, who was past middle age and had several sons old enough to enlist in the military, appeared at the Magnolia recruiting office and pleaded with Lt. Knoll to enroll him. Later, he appealed to Col. Weybrecht and was informed he might be able to join the Eighth Regiment Supply Company of Akron. Mr. Campbell, a blacksmith, claimed to have a process of welding copper. He was already a member of the Sons of Veterans and felt that his duty would help with the Mexican War. He recently had an operation for appendicitis.

/ Stark County commissioners have asked for the cooperation of Tuscarawas County commissioners regarding the cutting down of the Walker hill between East Sparta and Sandyville. The lowering of the hill and change of road would eliminate two dangerous crossings.

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